Bio Pic(3)I am a self-taught, freelance photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in travel and outdoor photography.  For the past 10 years I have been a pilot for an Atlanta based airline which has provided me with exposure to many different corners of the country and the world.  Like most people who travel often, I enjoyed taking pictures of the different locations that I ventured. Disenchanted with touristy snapshots, I began to take a look closer at what made a stronger photograph, images that were unique but relatable, learning from each picture. The slow, but progressive rewards of this discipline soon developed into a passionate hobby which grew as I learned to capture, photos that I had only previously envisioned in my mental repertoire.


I strive to produce photographs that have a strong sense of realism and a touch of nostalgia, attempting to bring order to the messy chaos of the ever changing worldly environment. From this artistic foundation, I believe that photography, should be veritably intentional and inquisitive, remaining familiar enough to recognize but abstract enough to be interpreted as new. It is my ambition to achieve this balance in each photograph, breathing a fresh, memorable life into familiar locations.